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Attestation of destructive testing methods personnel


Expert STC provides assistance in training and attestation of specialists on destructive testing methods for equipment subordinate to the RF Rostekhnadzor. We provide attestation of destructive testing specialists in accordance with Rules on attestation (certification) of personnel of testing laboratories SDA-24-2009. Specialists of testing laboratories (TL) are attested for certification of professional skills needed for holding the relevant tests.

TL specialists are attested for three professional qualification levels – I, II, III, depending on specifics of the tests performed, the training and professional qualifications of specialists. Level III specialists, apart from testing as such, are entitled to participate in attestation of specialists, as examination board members.

According to SDA-24-2009, attestation of specialists of DTL is mandatory for specialists engaged in:

  • tests at manufacture, construction, assembly, operation, reconstruction, repair, technical diagnostics, examination review of industrial safety;
  • analytical testing and measurements;
  • attestation of testing laboratories.

Specialists are attested on destructive testing methods according to SDA-24-2009 in the following fields:

  • Mechanical static tests;
  • Mechanical dynamic tests;
  • Methods of hardness measurements;
  • Corrosion resistance tests;
  • Process tests methods;
  • Methods of examination of structure of materials;
  • Methods of determination of contents of elements;
  • Special testing methods.

To get qualification requirements to personnel of destructive testing laboratories, see section 5 and appendix 4 of SDA-24-2009. Qualification examinations of specialists of qualification level I, II, and III are considered in section 7 as well as in appendices 6 and 10. Specialists who have successfully passed attestation are issued with a certificate of qualification level I (II). Certificates on attestation of destructive testing specialists for qualification levels I and II are valid for 3 years. Certificates for qualification level III are valid for 5 years. Upon expiry of the first validity period, the qualification certificate may be extended for another period (once). A certificate issued may be canceled in case of gross violation of regulatory documents on testing, delays in submission of documents for extension of attestation and interruption in work for more than one year, on aggregate.

List of documents for attestation on destructive testing methods:

  • application for attestation;
  • document on education (copy);
  • documents certifying completion of special training, with specification of the number of hours and attestation on other testing methods (if any);
  • certificate on the practical record of work for the stated methods;
  • list of works for the stated methods fulfilled over the last year by the candidate claiming level II without having level I;
  • list of works for the stated methods fulfilled over the last year by the candidate at extension, expansion of the scope of attestation, or re-attestation;
  • medical report (certificate);
  • two full-color photographs (3х4);
  • copy of payment order.

Also see – Attestation of NDT specialists, Attestation of non-destructive testing laboratories, Accreditation of testing laboratories.





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